In an effort to keep our players active and engaged during this time when we’re away from our teams, beginning this week we are hoping to start some friendly competition between our teams.  Each Monday we will post a weekly challenge. Players will then have all week to complete the challenge and post their best time. 

Times should be sent to:

[email protected] by 5pm each Sunday and we will announce weekly winners each Monday. We will break down the challenges/winners by grade and sport.  We will also take an average of the times to determine whether soccer or lacrosse won the weeks challenge. 

When you send in times, please include the following:

Player Name:
Player Grade:
Player Sport:

The Competition:

Week 1: 300 YARD SHUTTLE RUN (Grades 3-8) 150 YARD SHUTTLE RUN (GRADES K-2)

Instructions: Set up 2 cones (or sticks, rocks, shoes, hats or anything else you can find) 15 yards apart.  Time yourself running back and forth 20 times (10 times for the 150 yard runners).

Tag us on Instagram and Twitter at:





With pictures or videos of players competing in the challenge and we will share them through our accounts.

Going forward, all challenges will be posted to our social media accounts listed above. 


**** For anyone who has friends not affiliated with Tolland Soccer or Tolland Lacrosse we would be happy to have other kids participate in these challenges. Feel free to share this email with any other families and if we have interest we’ll have “Free Agent” class****

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